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Regular Group Head Cleaning

Coffee Machine Maintenance Tips

In this informative video, we delve into the crucial practice of maintaining your coffee machine to ensure efficiency and minimize downtime in your café. The focus is primarily on the importance of cleaning your group heads multiple times a day to maintain consistent coffee quality. We start by explaining why it’s vital to clean your group heads frequently – illustrating how coffee quality can drastically change from morning to afternoon without regular cleaning.

We then guide you through the process of setting up a cleaning schedule tailored to your café’s busy times. The video provides a detailed walkthrough of performing three non-chemical back flushes and one chemical rinse per day for each group head. This schedule is based on your café’s rush hours, ensuring minimal disruption to service.

We also demonstrate a step-by-step process for a regular rinse during the day, including cleaning the portafilter and ensuring there’s no residue left from coffee oils. This comprehensive guide ensures your coffee machine remains in top condition, providing the best quality coffee to your customers throughout the day.

Whether you’re a seasoned café owner or new to the business, this video is an essential watch to keep your coffee service at its peak!

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