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Frequently Asked Questions

We do! Depending on your business, we can provide equipment either on loan or by rental. If you own your own equipment, we can also work with that.

We absolutely do! Our Barista Training course is a constantly-evolving training program that is intended to help both onboard inexperienced baristas and upskill existing staff. The end goal is to have a high standard of coffee service that is consistent across your entire team.

This is such a complex question! Depending on your business, your customer base, your personal tastes, and many other factors, we can find the perfect coffee for you. The best way to do this is to arrange a tasting workshop with one of our coffee service team.

Our headquarters are powered by solar energy. We continuously seek ways to improve the eco-friendliness and sustainability of our products and processes. We also ensure we are always ahead of changes in packaging legislation. Sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media accounts to stay on top of the latest developments.

We ensure our beans are ethically sourced and of the highest quality. We prioritize working with suppliers who adhere to responsible and sustainable farming practices.

Our field representatives have a regular visiting schedule. You can expect a visit at least once every fortnight if you are in one of our service areas.

We roast our coffee beans in small batches and carefully monitor their shelf-time in our storage before release, as each blend de-gases at a different rate. Our packaging also includes one-way valves to let out CO2 while keeping oxygen out, ensuring the coffee remains fresh during transit and storage.

Our vision is to bring world-class coffee to regional Australia and support the growth of coffee culture outside capital cities. We aim to achieve this by offering top-quality coffee, comprehensive support services, and fostering a sustainable and innovative approach to coffee roasting.

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