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About us

Welcome to Evolve North Coffee Roasters, the home of world-class coffee and sustainable innovation.

With a rich history spanning over four decades, our roots are deeply embedded in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia, with additional branches in Geelong and Mount Gambier. Our mission? To ensure every corner of regional Australia has access to the finest coffee the world has to offer.

Beyond the delicious cups of coffee, we’re dedicated to fostering a vibrant and thriving coffee culture beyond capital cities. We aspire to revolutionise the regional Australian coffee industry, making exceptional coffee accessible to all. We believe in cultivating a future where great coffee, business success, and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.


A Culture of care:

We're not just about selling coffee; we deeply care about our coffee, our team, and our customers' success. We're committed to quality, service, and fostering genuine relationships - the foundation of our thriving business and the key to our customers' satisfaction.

Adding Value:

Our focus goes beyond the bean. We provide exceptional value to our customers, offering comprehensive business advice, expertise in global bean selection, and mastery of roasting and blending techniques. Our tailored support and guidance help our client cafes train their staff, optimise their processes, and achieve their long-term business goals.

Always Progressive:

We are driven by a spirit of innovation and continuous improvement, always exploring new sustainable practices, enhancing our product range, and elevating the customer experience. Our dedication to progress empowers our customers to grow and evolve with us.

Sustainability and Innovation

At the heart of our operations is a commitment to sustainability. We proudly run state-of-the-art, solar-powered roasting facilities that reduce our environmental footprint whilst producing a range of exquisite single-origin and specialty blends. From our signature house blends crafted in Shepparton to our ongoing efforts in sourcing sustainable products, we lead the charge in promoting sustainable practices within the coffee industry.

Value-added services

We’re a one-stop solution provider. From a user-friendly app that streamlines ordering and financial account management, to offering a range of coffee equipment on loan, we have all your cafe operation needs covered.

Our Team

What sets us apart is our dedicated team of field representatives who aren’t your typical salespeople. They’re skilled technicians who make regular visits to your cafe, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly and your coffee is brewed to perfection. This hands-on approach, which involves providing honest assistance without any hidden call-out fees or hourly rates, allows you to focus on your business while we ensure the quality of your coffee service.
We also offer comprehensive marketing support to help your business stand out in a competitive market. From creating branding packs to providing engaging content for social media channels, we’re here to support your growth every step of the way.


Our journey is not just about us, it’s about you too. We aim to become your preferred coffee roasting partner, offering not only world-class coffee products but also unparalleled support and guidance in your journey to success. Together, let’s create a future where great coffee and business success go hand in hand.

Welcome to Evolve North Coffee Roasters. Welcome to the future of coffee.

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