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Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Café.

When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, the quality of your equipment is just as important as the quality of your beans. At Evolve North Coffee Roasters, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art coffee equipment tailored to meet the unique needs of your cafe. From espresso machines to grinders, consistency equipment, and automation equipment, we have everything you need to ensure a smooth operation and an excellent coffee experience for your customers


La Marzocco Linea PB:

The Linea PB, a testament to classic Italian design and technical excellence, provides precision brewing with its dual boiler system and saturated groups. This robust workhorse is perfect for high volume cafes seeking consistency and reliability. With its intuitive interface, the Linea PB allows baristas to control brewing variables to serve a perfect cup every time.

La Marzocco KB90:

Meet the La Marzocco KB90, the
ultimate espresso machine for high- volume cafes. The KB90 is designed with ergonomics and workflow efficiency in mind, featuring a straight-in portafilter and an independent brew boiler for each group. These features allow baristas to work faster, reduce repetitive stress injuries, and maintain consistency even during the busiest hours.

Sanremo Cafe Racer:

The Sanremo Cafe Racer is an
absolute standout with its unique design and top-tier performance. This high-end machine combines advanced technology with a strong, stylish aesthetic. Its independent group heads and robust boiler system ensure consistency and precision,
while its eye-catching design makes it the star of any coffee bar.


Robur S:

The Robur S grinder, an industry favorite, is known for its speed, precision, and durability. It features step-less micrometrical grinding adjustment, allowing for precise grind size control – essential for optimal espresso extraction. This high performance grinder is an excellent choice for busy cafes where speed and consistent grind quality are crucial.

Mahlkonig E80S:

The Mahlkonig E80S Coffee Grinder redefines high-quality espresso grinding with its high-speed capabilities and unique burr design, ensuring optimal extraction for the best taste. It features Mahlkonig’s patented Disc Distance Detection (DDD) technology, allowing precise control over grind size. 

Key aspects of the E80S include 80mm special steel burrs, a powerful motor with temperature management for high-speed performance, and a clean, centered coffee dispensing system. Despite its robust performance, it operates quietly and features an easy-to-view 88.3mm display. Discover endless grinding possibilities with the Mahlkonig E80S Coffee Grinder.

Mahlkonig E80S GbW:

The E80S GbW takes the impressive capabilities of the E80S and adds Mahlkönig’s real-time Grind-by-Weight technology to the mix, pushing the boundaries of espresso grinding even further. Alongside the innovative Disc Distance Detection feature, it includes automatic portafilter detection, making it effortless to maintain your perfect grind settings, even during the busiest times in high-volume cafes. With its record-breaking grinding speed, the E80S GbW provides unparalleled control over your coffee grinding process. Experience the full potential of unlimited grinding and absolute control with the Mahlkonig E80S GbW.

Consistency Equipment

Consistency in brewing is paramount to producing great coffee. Tools like the Puqpress take the guesswork out of coffee tamping, delivering the perfect pressure every time. This ensures a consistent extraction, helping
you to serve excellent coffee consistently.

Automation Equipment

Automation equipment like the Ubermilk not only improves the efficiency of your cafe operations but also enhances the consistency of your coffee. By automating the milk frothing process, the Ubermilk ensures perfect texture and temperature, contributing to a superior taste in every cup.

Remember, the right equipment for your cafe depends on your specific needs and goals.

Let us at ENCR help you make the best decision for your business. Get in touch with u  today and let’s discuss your equipment requirements. We’re always here to guide you through every step of your coffee journey.

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