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Mastering Steam Wand Maintenance: Essential Barista Tips

Coffee Machine Maintenance Tips

Welcome to our latest coffee expertise video where we delve into a crucial aspect of barista maintenance – keeping your steam wand in top condition. In this concise yet informative guide, we address a common question from many baristas and provide a simple yet effective tip: ensuring your steam wand is always spotlessly clean.

Discover why it’s essential to clean and purge your steam wand every time you use it. We explore the importance of maintaining a stainless steel steam wand, free of milk stains and residue, throughout your busy day. Understand the risks of cross-contamination between dairy and alternative milks, and learn how to prevent old milk from mixing with fresh milk.

This video is not just about cleanliness; it’s about enhancing your efficiency, reducing downtime, and ensuring the highest quality in your coffee creations. Perfect for both novice and experienced baristas, our tip is easy to follow and implement in your daily coffee routine.

Stay tuned until the end for a bonus Q&A session where we answer more barista-related queries!

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