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La Marzocco Linea Mini

An instant classic.

The La Marzocco Linea Mini was first introduced to the world of coffee back in 2014. With inspiration taken from the legendary Linea Classic, the Mini lives up to the hype. It’s the perfect companion for a coffee roaster to extract the results, for a home barista looking to make the perfect drink and to suit any café style.

The Linea Mini is still considered one, if not the best coffee machine on the market for the home barista providing café quality coffee in your own kitchen.

One of the benefits of the machine which should be considered is the amazing assembly of all the parts that make up the internals of the machine, something that lets the user or the technician’s life a lot easier when upgrading/replacing parts.

We see the dual boiler system which is one of the highlights of the machine. The Steam Boiler is 3 Litres in size, while the Brew Boiler is 0.17 Litres in size. The feature allows you to steam and brew at the same time with no inconsistencies in temperature which is a crucial aspect when making multiple drinks in a short amount of time, it also makes the steam delivery incomparable to other home machines to a point where you could compare it to a Linea PB.

Now putting our attention to the features of the machine’s interface.

The right knob is to activate the steam, while the right is to engage the hot water.

The brew paddle is an amazing touch to the machine and can be customised to suit a shot timer. It also comes with a programmed pre-infusion to ensure consistent espressos.

Looking at the backsplash panel, we see two gages that the barista can interact with, the steam pressure gage and the pump gage.

The tray can be removed easily as it is attached by magnets, it was designed this way for easy cleaning, and because of the water reservoir located behind the tray which is uncommon for home machines with most having it on top.

It was designed this way to allow maximum space for the dual boilers and internal pump whilst keeping the machine at a vary comfortable size. The reservoir can hold up to 2.5 Litres of filtered water and has the option to be plumbed in. On the left side of the Mini, there is a stepped temperature adjustment to achieve the desired brew temperature depended on the coffee you are brewing.

All the colours of the rainbow.

The Linea Mini comes in 7 different colours but has the option to customise every aesthetic part of the machine giving it unlimited options to suit your space, something that has helped separate the Linea Mini from the competition.

Let’s talk specs.

  • 220v 10 amp power requirement so you can plug into any regular kitchen outlet
  • The brew paddle comes with programmed pre-infusion, creating more consistency between shots
  • Built-in 2.5L water reservoir—so plenty of water in the tank
  • Dual-boiler system means the machine runs hot and stays hot
  • Adjustable temperature using a stepped adjustment wheel on the side of the machine
  • Barista lights will literally light up your shot
  • No-burn steam wand
  • Dimensions – W 35.7 cm H 37.7 cm D 45.3 cm

Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity with the LM Home App gives you the ability to:

  • To turn the machine on or off remotely
  • Create an on/off schedule
  • Control and monitoring of boiler temperatures
  • Enable and set pre-brewing on/off times
  • Machine Stats & Total Shot Counter

In conclusion, the Linea Mini has forever changed the home espresso industry, branching out to service roasters, cafes and coffee vans. Its unmatched steam allows for café like results and its pre-infusion assures a consistent espresso. The timeless design can suit any location and it is recognized by any coffee enthusiast.

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