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Get more regular customers – run “business of the day” promotions for your coffee shop

Attracting loyal patrons often feels like an uphill battle for coffee shop owners. The ‘local business of the day’ concept has proven successful for many cafes.

This post serves up fresh ideas on using daily promotions to turn first-time visitors into regulars. Dive in for some piping hot tips!

Key Takeaways

  • Spice up your menu with daily specials and unique dishes to keep customers intrigued and eager for their next visit.
  • Partnering with local businesses can boost your coffee shop’s profile in the community, fostering customer loyalty through shared promotions.
  • Use social media effectively to promote your “business of the day” deals, enticing new patrons while engaging current followers with eye-catching posts.
  • Introduce a loyalty program offering exclusive benefits to repeat customers, strengthening relationships and encouraging consistent patronage.
  • Actively seek customer feedback to refine your offerings, stay attuned to market trends for innovation, and regularly update marketing strategies for ongoing improvement.

What is a ‘Business of the Day’ Promotion?

The ‘Business of the Day’ promotion is a targeted marketing strategy where a coffee shop partners with a local business for a day. During this day, employees of the chosen business are offered special deals, such as free or discounted coffee, upon presenting their employee identification. This promotion not only drives new foot traffic to the coffee shop but also strengthens community ties and business relationships.

How to Run a ‘Business of the Day’ Promotion

Selecting a Partner Business: Identify and approach a local business to collaborate with. Discuss the mutual benefits of the promotion and agree on a specific day for the event.

Preparation and Marketing: Create marketing materials, such as flyers, to be distributed at the partner business at least a week before the promotion. Utilise social media to create buzz around the event.

Special Offers: On the day of the promotion, offer special deals to employees of the partner business. This could include free coffee or discounts on certain items.


Track Effectiveness:

Implement a new SKU in your Point of Sale (POS) system specifically for the promotion (e.g., ‘[Business Name] Free Coffee’). This will help track the number of promotional items given away.

If you use a digital loyalty scheme, note the date of the promotion. Offer new loyalty cards only to customers participating in the promotion. This allows you to track future uses of loyalty accounts created as a result of the promotion.

Importance of Regular Customers for a Coffee Shop

Regular customers are the lifeblood of any coffee shop. They bring a steady income that helps cover your fixed costs, like rent and utilities. More than just frequent visitors, these loyal patrons often become part of your cafe’s community, sharing their positive experiences with friends and family which enhances your brand loyalty.

This word-of-mouth advertising is invaluable; it’s free and trusted by potential new customers.

Having regulars at your coffee house also means you gather consistent feedback about what works and what doesn’t in terms of food, drinks, service, or atmosphere. It gives you real-time insights into customer satisfaction and allows for quicker adjustments to meet their needs successfully.

Building a strong base of repeat business is not just about maintaining sales—it’s about creating an environment where people feel welcomed and want to come back time after time.

Regular customers are likely to spend more over time as they grow comfortable in your space and trust your baristas’ recommendations for the latest espresso or flat white creation on offer.

“Business of the Day” Promotions

Spice up your coffee shop’s menu by offering daily specials and creating new and unique dishes to attract customers. Consider partnering with local businesses to offer exclusive promotions and discounts to draw in more foot traffic.

Offering daily specials

Incorporating daily specials into your coffee shop’s promotion strategy can help attract and retain customers, ultimately maximising revenue. Here are some effective ways to offer daily specials:

  1. Introduce new and unique dishes each day to keep customers excited and coming back for more
  2. Offer discounts or promotions on popular items to encourage repeat visits
  3. Partner with local suppliers or businesses to feature exclusive items that showcase the community
  4. Utilise social media to promote the daily specials and create a sense of urgency among customers


Creating new and unique dishes

Offering daily specials can pique the interest of customers, and so can creating new and unique dishes. To stand out from competitors and entice regulars to keep coming back, consider the following ideas for innovative menu items:

  1. Experiment with seasonal ingredients to develop limited – time offerings that reflect current tastes and trends in the market.
  2. Collaborate with local suppliers to source unique and high – quality ingredients, allowing you to offer exclusive dishes that cannot be found elsewhere.
  3. Introduce fusion cuisine by combining different culinary traditions or techniques, providing a one-of-a-kind dining experience for your customers.
  4. Create signature drinks or food pairings that represent your cafe’s distinct personality and style, giving patrons a reason to choose your establishment over others.


Partnering with local businesses

Partnering with local businesses can significantly boost your coffee shop’s visibility and attract new customers. Here are ways to forge partnerships:

  1. Collaborate to offer joint promotions or discounts for each other’s products or services, creating a win-win situation for both businesses.
  2. Host events or workshops with local businesses to draw in a wider audience and provide added value to your customers.
  3. Feature products from local vendors or artisans in your coffee shop, showcasing the community and supporting local entrepreneurship.
  4. Create co-branded marketing materials with neighbouring businesses to cross-promote each other’s offerings, reaching a broader customer base.

Continuously improving and adapting the strategy

To continuously improve and adapt the strategy, consider these key actions:

  1. Analyse customer data to identify trends and preferences.
  2. Gather feedback from customers through surveys or in – person conversations.
  3. Stay updated on market trends and changes in consumer behaviour.
  4. Test new promotional ideas and initiatives regularly to gauge their effectiveness.
  5. Engage in ongoing training for staff to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  6. Collaborate with other local businesses for cross – promotional opportunities.
  7. Monitor the performance of your marketing efforts and make adjustments as needed.
  8. Embrace innovation and creativity in your approach to attract and retain customers.


In conclusion, running “business of the day” promotions for your coffee shop can significantly increase customer retention and attraction. Capturing local businesses’ attention with daily specials and unique dishes can drive regular foot traffic to your café.

Consistently modifying marketing strategies based on customer feedback and data analysis is essential for ongoing success. Adapting to market trends will enable you to continually improve and grow your business – ultimately boosting revenue.



1. What are “business of the day” promotions for coffee shops?

“Business of the day” promotions are special cafe promotion strategies to attract more regular customers by offering unique deals or highlighting certain products each day.

2. How can I use social media to get more customers for my coffee shop?

You can post about your “business of the day” specials, share photos of your barista-made lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos on social media platforms to draw attention and entice new visitors.

3. What kind of sales tactics work best to turn new customers into regulars at my café?

Offering loyalty programs, delivering consistent quality and having friendly staff interactions are great sales tactics that help turn first-time visitors into loyal patrons at your café.

4. Can hosting events improve customer turnout in a coffee shop?

Absolutely! Hosting events like live music nights or art displays create an enjoyable atmosphere that can encourage people to choose your cafe as their go-to spot.

5. Should I change my café’s menu often to keep attracting customers?

Updating your menu occasionally with new and exciting items keeps things fresh but maintain popular staples so returning customers can always enjoy their favourites.

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