Evolve North

Evolve North Rewards Terms & Conditions

Section 1. Purpose of T&Cs

These terms and conditions explain how ongoing wholesale customers of Evolve North Coffee Roasters can earn points in our rewards system and use these points to claim rewards. Acceptance of all terms, including updates, is required for participation. By registering, you are considered to have read and agreed to these terms.

Section 2. Our Promise to You

We commit to acting fairly and reasonably in all our dealings with you. This includes:

  1. Reviewing requests made by you.
  2. Deciding on consents, rights, or remedies.
  3. Setting conditions for these actions.

We reserve the right to make changes, including in cases of delays or temporary waivers.

Section 3. Points Explained

1. Points are non-monetary and non-transferable.

2. Earn 1 point per $40 spent, exclusive of GST.

3. Points cannot be sold or transferred between accounts.

4. Restrictions apply to points earned on promotional purchases.

Section 4. Bonus Points

Bonus points may be offered during promotional periods and may differ from regular points. We reserve the right to end promotions at our discretion.

Section 5. Displaying Points

Points and transactions are displayed in your Rewards account and on your invoices.

Section 6. Transactions Ineligible for Points

Points will not be earned on unauthorized purchases, promotional items excluded from the campaign, or refunded purchases.

Section 7. Reduction of Points Balance

Points may be reduced due to reward claims, expirations, refunds, unauthorized transactions, or errors. Changes will be visible in the app.

Section 8. Expiration of Points

Points expire 12 months from earning and are forfeited after 3 years or upon account closure. Accounts with no activity for 3 months may be deemed inactive and subject to closure, resulting in point forfeiture.

Section 9. Tracking Points

Points can be tracked via our mobile app or on your invoices.

Section 10. Rewards

Rewards availability may vary and can be viewed in our app. Rewards are subject to availability and additional terms. Once claimed, rewards cannot be returned or exchanged.

Section 11. Reward Responsibility

We do not provide warranties on rewards. Claims should be directed to the supplier or manufacturer. Our liability is limited as per consumer protection laws.

Section 12. Resolving Disputes

For complaints, contact our support team at info@evolvenorth.com.au. We aim for prompt resolution and welcome feedback.

Section 13. Communication

Contact us through our app. We will communicate via email or phone, as necessary. Keep us updated on your contact details.

Section 14. Personal Information

We collect and use personal information for our rewards program as detailed in our Privacy Policy (https://evolvenorth.com.au/privacy-policy/). You may opt-out of marketing communications.

Section 15. Rewards Program Termination

We may terminate the program at any time, aiming to provide 90 days’ notice. Points remain valid for a defined period after termination.

Section 16. Changes to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms. Significant updates will be communicated to users.