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Easy Coffee Machine Shower Screen Maintenance

Coffee Machine Maintenance Tips

Welcome to our latest video where we delve into the world of coffee machine maintenance, focusing on the often-overlooked shower screen. Ideal for café owners and baristas, this tutorial is a must-watch for anyone keen on keeping their coffee machine in top condition.

We start by demonstrating the simple yet crucial task of unscrewing the shower screen with a flathead screwdriver. This is a task best performed at the end of a busy day. Though our machine is relatively new, typically, the shower screen can accumulate a lot of residue. We’ll show you how to effectively clean it using hot water and a clean cloth, ensuring every part of the screen is meticulously cleaned for the best coffee results.

Reattaching the screen is just as easy, and we guide you through the process of screwing it back in place, emphasizing the importance of doing it hand tight. For machines where the shower screen isn’t removable, we discuss the alternative of back flushing more frequently.

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