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Coffee-Inspired Content Ideas for Your Café’s Social Media ☕

Looking for inspiration for your cafe’s social media? We’ve got just the thing!

Here’s a fantastic list of calendar dates, perfect for coffee-themed content. From quirky celebrations to major holidays, these dates will get your social media buzzing in no time! ☕

June 2024
  1. June 2 (Sunday) – National Rocky Road Day
    “Rocky Road to happiness! Join us on #NationalRockyRoadDay for some delicious treats that will take you on a flavour adventure. 🌟🍫
  2. June 4 (Tuesday) – National Cheese Day
    “Say cheese! 🧀 It’s #NationalCheeseDay, and we’re serving up some cheesy delights to brighten your day. Stop by for a cheesy good time!”
  3. June 7 (Friday) – National Donut Day
    “Start your weekend with a sweet treat! Celebrate #NationalDonutDay with us. 🍩 Grab your favourite flavour and share your donut moments!”
  4. June 7 (Friday) – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
    “Chill out, it’s Friday! Celebrate #NationalChocolateIceCreamDay with us and enjoy a cool treat. 🍦 Tag a friend you’d share with!”
  5. June 8 (Saturday) – World Oceans Day
    “Let’s protect our oceans! 🌊 In honour of #WorldOceansDay, we’re reducing plastic use and promoting sustainability. Join the movement!
  6. June 10 (Monday) – King’s Birthday Holiday (varies by state/territory)
    “Wishing everyone a happy King’s Birthday Holiday! 🎉 We’re open for the festivities—drop by for your favourite coffee and a bite to eat!”
  7. June 18 (Tuesday) – International Picnic Day
    “Grab your basket and let’s picnic! 🧺 #InternationalPicnicDay is the perfect excuse for a coffee and a snack in the park. Who’s in?”
  8. June 21 (Friday) – International Yoga Day
    “Breathe in, breathe out.🧘‍♀️Celebrate #InternationalYogaDay with a calm coffee moment at our café. Namaste!”
  9. June 28 (Friday) – National Food Truck Day
    “On the move? So are we! 🚚 #NationalFoodTruckDay means we’re bringing the café to you. Find out where we’ll be today!”
  10. June 30 (Sunday) – Social Media Day
    “Stay connected! 🌐 It’s #SocialMediaDay, and we’re giving a shoutout to all our amazing followers. Thanks for being part of our community!”
July 2024
  1. July 1 (Monday) – International Joke Day
    “Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged! 😂 Share your favourite coffee joke with us for #InternationalJokeDay!”
  2. July 7 (Sunday) – World Chocolate Day
    “Chocoholics unite! 🍫 It’s #WorldChocolateDay, and we’ve got the most indulgent chocolate treats waiting for you. Tag your chocolate-loving friend!”
  3. July 11 (Thursday) – National Blueberry Muffin Day
    “Blueberries for the win!🫐 Celebrate #NationalBlueberryMuffinDay with our freshly baked muffins. Perfect with a hot coffee!”
  4. July 17 (Wednesday) – World Emoji Day
    “Express yourself! 😃 It’s #WorldEmojiDay, and we’re serving happiness in every cup. Comment with your favourite emoji!”
  5. July 24 (Wednesday) – National Tequila Day
    “Tequila, anyone? 🍹 Celebrate #NationalTequilaDay with our special cocktails and coffee-inspired tequila drinks. Cheers!”
  6. July 26 (Friday) – National Coffee Milkshake Day
    “Milkshake time! 🥤 It’s #NationalCoffeeMilkshakeDay, and we’ve got the creamiest shakes in town. Come get yours!”
  7. July 30 (Tuesday) – International Friendship Day
    “Friends make everything better! 👭👬 Celebrate #InternationalFriendshipDay with a coffee date and your best buddies. Bring a friend, get a discount!”

Looking for some awesome visuals to go with your posts?

To complement your social media posts, use your amazing café photos. However, if you require additional captivating visuals, Unsplash and Pexels are fantastic resources to explore.✨

  • Unsplash (unsplash.com):
    Discover a wealth of high-resolution, royalty-free images ideal for your café’s theme and style. From steaming coffee cups to cozy interiors, Unsplash has it all.
  • Pexels (pexels.com):
    Explore a vast collection of high-quality images related to your café’s offerings, ambiance, or events—all for free.

Once you have your visuals, make them unique to your brand with Canva.

  • Canva (canva.com):
    Customise your chosen images, add your café’s logo, brand colors, and messaging using Canva’s intuitive interface and ready-made templates.
    If you feel like your café could benefit from extra marketing assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here to lend a hand!

Happy posting.

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