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Balancing Group Head Usage

Coffee Machine Maintenance Tips

Join us in this insightful video where we delve into the crucial aspect of group head usage in coffee machines, a topic often overlooked in the hustle of café operations. As baristas, we may unconsciously favour certain group heads due to our workflow and positioning, leading to uneven wear and tear on our beloved coffee machines.

In this tutorial, we explore the implications of using one group head more than others – a common scenario in many cafes where, for instance, the first group might be used 80% of the time compared to the others. This uneven usage can lead to increased wear on certain parts like shower screens, seals, and solenoids, and eventually necessitates costly replacements.

But it’s not just the overused groups that suffer – the neglected group heads can also develop issues, such as scaling due to stagnant water. By examining a real machine’s usage stats, we highlight the importance of balanced usage across all group heads.

Our goal? To encourage you to ‘show some love’ to the less-used group heads, thereby enhancing the efficiency and longevity of your coffee machines. This not only benefits your machine but also ensures a consistently high-quality coffee experience for your customers.

Remember, a well-maintained machine is the cornerstone of any thriving café!

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