Short Video Competition 2024

Competition Overview:

  • Create a 30-second video showcasing the essence of the brand you feel most connected to.
  • Although you’re welcome to submit more than one video, you’ll only be eligible for the $100 entry prize once, but don’t forget, there are additional prizes up for grabs!
  • Everyone (entering or not) will be provided a 1kg bag of either one of our signature coffees or 1kg of SNUG choc or chai. Ensure this is communicated to Jess so that we can maintain stock accuracy.


Submission Deadline: Friday, May 31st.

  • You can submit your entry by sending your video to Dave either via WhatsApp, Teams, Google Docs, or any other platform. Please keep the video saved on your device after sending to ensure quality integrity if used externally (with your permission).
    If you’re unsure how to share your video file:
    • Shepparton – Ask Dave for assistance.
    • Mount Gambier – Ask Matt.H for assistance.
    • Geelong – Ask Kaine for assistance.  



  • Judges Dave and Adele will award $500 to the video that best embodies brand values.
  • If you allow us to share your video online, the video with the most likes on Instagram will win $1000!!


Nitty Gritty:

  • Find the brand guidelines HERE
  • You can team up with a colleague.
  • Multiple entries are allowed, but you’ll only receive one $100 submission prize.
  • Notify Jess of any stock removed. You can do this via Email, Teams, Whats-App or text, whatever is easiest, provided you let her know 😊
  • Dave and Adele will not be able to provide editing assistance.
  • Useful apps to use for editing are: Capcut | TikTok
  • Signature blends are:
    • Morning Gorgeous
    • Penny For Your Thoughts
    • Evoke Ricco
    • The Extra Mile
    • Memory Lane
    • Birds Of A Feather
    • Slow & Steady Decaf
    • Second Wind
    • SNUG 24% Hot Chocolate
    • SNUG 37.5% Hot Chocolate
    • SNUG Chai Latte
    • SNUG Sticky Chai


P.S. Have ideas for our next competition? Submit them here!