Wholesale Coffee

Benefits of working with Evolve North

40 years of experience

You see a lot of coffee in 40 years. We are constantly learning from customers and adjusting our strategies to meet their needs. We roast our coffee beans in house and have the tools to pour consistently high-quality cups of coffee every time.

Year-over-year growth

Choosing the right wholesale coffee partner means you’re never left without direction. We provide a blueprint of proven growth strategies that have helped cafes more than double their coffee sales.

Ongoing training & support

We believe in constant re-education to keep your teams’ skills sharp and their pours consistent. Our webinar program allows you to train new staff easily and conveniently, with our team behind you for support.

Some of our coffee blends

We are the roaster and distributors of some of Australia’s most well-known roasted blends available. These include:

And more to come…

Selecting the right blend for your coffee shop isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Not only do you have to pick the one that works best for your mission and meets customer expectations, you also need to distinguish yourself from your main competitors. Using a blend that’s already sold by the store down the street is one sure way to keep customers away.

That isn’t a problem for us. We have access to a wide variety of different blends, and we know which brands are popular in a given locality. We take a close look at the target market, the branding, nearby competitors and your personal taste to help select the perfect blend for you.

Our consultative approach

We don’t just sell you great coffee blends and cafe equipment — we want to develop a lifelong partnership and help you make the right decisions for your business. From the very first time we meet, we try to understand everything about your business and what brought you to where you are now. That means learning your motivations, your mission, your goals and your vision.

Once we’ve set the foundation, we figure out exactly how we can help. Our consultants draw on our almost 40 years of experience and countless interactions with other customers to devise the best plan for you. We help you assess and analyse key data from your business and set the right longterm objectives. We know what works, so we take everything into consideration to give you the best advice possible.

More than anything, we take pride in sharing ideas with other businesses to help them see past their goals and realise what, for them, might not seem possible. We want you to achieve these goals and keep serving amazing coffee to your customers for years to come.


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Who is the target market for my coffee?

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