Commercial Coffee Machines

Choosing the right machine


The first thing you should consider before purchasing a commercial coffee machine, your budget will have a major influence over which machine is right for your company. Coffee machines have a wide range of durability, output and quality, so it’s important to strike the right balance. Before you opt for the cheapest piece of equipment, think of your coffee machine as an investment — if you pick a cheaper machine now to save money, you could end up paying more in maintenance costs down the road.

Buying or renting:

It might seem obvious that the right choice here is to buy, but that isn’t the case for everyone. Buying a machine typically has a higher upfront cost, so that might not be ideal if your budget is tight. Renting also gives you more flexibility — you can more easily switch out the machine for a new one.


It’s important to consider the amount of coffee you’re producing during the day. In fact, you should actually think about how much coffee you’re making at the busiest time of the day. It’s useful to think about whether your business sells coffee as its main product or service — like a cafe — or if it’s simply an extra convenience for customers — like a bookstore.


Related to volume, the number of baristas you have on staff at any given time is an important factor to consider. Commercial coffee machines can have up to seven group heads, but buying a machine with too many can add an unnecessary cost to your purchase.

Other items to consider:

You can customise your machine with whichever additional parts you think would be useful. A Proportional Integral Derivative (PID), for example, gives you insight into the heat levels of the machine, helping you regulate internal temperature and keep the machine running efficiently.

Some key features to look out for

Number of boilers:

Some commercial coffee machines use a single boiler to steam water and brew coffee. But that might not be the most efficient way of doing things. Multi-boiler machines give you several boilers, each one dedicated to either steaming water or brewing coffee. This helps you get more consistent brewing and steaming temperatures every time and at higher volumes your machine keeps running for longer.

Style of grinder:

When it comes to grinders, there are two main characteristics to focus on. More accurate grinders give you better consistency between shots and faster grinders pump out a higher volume of ground coffee in a shorter span of time. There’s often an inverse trade-off between the two, but with each new model we edge closer to a perfect balance. Until then, we tend to look at the overall volume a cafe produces – as well as how busy peak hours are — to help us recommend a grinder setup for a particular cafe.


Machines with gravimetric technology have built-in scales to read the weight of the extracted espresso to know when to end the brew cycle. This helps to make sure that every espresso shot is exactly the same, helping you cut down on inconsistencies.


A commercial coffee machine built with pre-infusion capabilities will make sure water evenly soaks all the ground coffee beans in your coffee puck before the pump pressure is fully engaged. This can potentially be helpful in achieving specific flavour results.


Volumetric machines know the volume of the liquid that has been extracted into every cup. Simply program the machine to dispense the exact amount you need, and your baristas won’t have to worry about over-pouring or under-pouring a cup.

We’ll help you find the brand that’s right for you

A good cup of coffee always starts with the right coffee machine. We carry machines from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. When we think of machines, we value quality above anything else.

Our consulting services

At Evolve North, we don’t just sell you coffee blends, supplies and equipment. We also work with you to help you make the right decisions for your coffee business. We learn your motivations, your mission, your goals and your needs to help you choose the perfect machine for your unique situation.

We’re here to help

Our team at Evolve North has over 30 years of experience with commercial machines in coffee shops across Australia, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We care about quality, and we aren’t beholden to any specific manufacturers or brands.

If we encounter a new piece of equipment that’s better than other machines in efficiency, consistency or quality, we conduct a thorough internal review to decide if it complies with all standards and we bring it on board.

This ensures that when you work with Evolve North, you can trust that you’re getting the best equipment in the industry.

Every member of our team undergoes regular training with manufacturers on programming, maintenance and best practice for the commercial machines we carry. That means when one of our representatives goes out to interact with customers, they can help perform regular maintenance and part replacement if needed. That saves you time, money and a big headache.


FAQ: I’m new to the coffee world.

What are the different types of coffee machines?


This type of commercial espresso machine gives baristas the most control over the entire brewing process, so they decide when to start and stop espresso extraction. Whilst this gives them greater control, it also leaves more room for error. But they have their benefits. The baristas with the most skills behind your counter can rely more on their talents to brew coffee.


These machines are at the halfway point between a manual and a fully automatic coffee machine. Once the espresso extraction process starts, baristas can choose when to turn the pump off to stop pushing water. This gives baristas some control over the brewing process while still ensuring a consistent cup of coffee each pour.


An automatic coffee machine has an automated espresso extraction process, so you can let the machine take care of measuring exact water amounts. The benefit of an automatic machine is that each barista is producing the same quality coffee every time. It also makes it easier for them to train, so it’s a win-win.


This coffee maker goes above and beyond. More than just espresso extraction, these machines automate every part of the coffee-making process. The automated commercial coffee grinder can produce freshly ground coffee, and it can froth fresh milk — some even pour the milk for you. They are the perfect addition to any coffee shop with a lot of traffic.