It’s about more than just coffee.

Your coffee is only as good as the supplies and equipment around it. Customers want to go to a coffee shop that’s clean, fast, convenient and enjoyable. That means your coffee supplies need to be up to the task.

From napkins to alternative milks to cleaning supplies, we understand that a successful business needs more than just coffee. When you partner with Evolve North, you don’t just get quality blends — you get everything else that makes your customers happy.

We’ve got you covered

The perfect blend for you:

It’s not enough to give your customers the coffee blends they like. You need to make sure you’re the only shop in the area selling that blend. We can help you find the right blend so you stand out from your competitors.

The right machine and grinder:

Picking the right coffee machine isn’t easy. You need to consider customer tastes, your budget, different machine types and even foot traffic. Our consultants can work with you to navigate these challenges and find the perfect equipment for your situation.

Tools to help you grow:

Growing cafe businesses use automation wherever possible. Our equipment maximises efficiency and consistency, giving you better machines and accessories that save you time and money. And our online training course ensures that your baristas are up to speed on all things coffee-making.

Barista supplies:

There’s a lot of grunt work that goes into being a barista. Make it easier on them with our barista cloths, grinder tablets, dump tubes and other coffee accessories.


We get it. Spills happen (a lot). Keep a well-stocked supply of napkins on hand to make sure that when coffees tip over, you’re armed and ready.

Eco packaging:

It’s not enough to give your customers the standard plastic wraps and foils can be wasteful. Opting for reusable packaging is better for the environment and your wallet.

Takeaway coffee cups:

You need takeaway cups to serve customers who are constantly on the move. We can customise your takeaway coffee cups to feature your brand image and help you create a more cohesive brand message.

Alternate milks:

Many customers today want something different than just the usual dairy milk. Unless you offer a wide range of options to them, you might find them heading elsewhere. We also carry a range of alternate milks, from almond to soy to macadamia.

Food packaging:

Don’t let food or other perishable items go to waste. Containers, cling wraps, foils and bags all help you store food properly and keep it from spoiling.

Washroom paper:

There’s nothing worse than when customers are using the washroom and there’s no paper left. Prevent the unthinkable by buying up as much washroom paper as your customers need. We have napkins, toilet paper, hand towels and facial tissues.

Cleaning and chemicals:

Good coffee will make your customers happy, but if one thing is out of place — like dirty machines, countertops or bathrooms — that might make them think twice and take their business elsewhere. We offer a huge selection of cleaning supplies, including detergents, soaps and equipment to keep your store looking sleek and pristine.

What you need to know about running a cafe

Your supplier matters

A good supplier doesn’t just know the right coffee beans to offer you. They also provide all the other cafe supplies you need to make your customers happy. Your supplier shouldn’t just meet the bare minimum — they should go above and beyond in every interaction you have with them.

Your cafe supplies matter

So much of the way you run your coffee business comes down to your customers. When customers walk into your cafe, they’re looking for more than just a good cup of coffee. They also want to feel clean and comfortable when they sit down to take a sip. Serving coffee needs to be about more than just the coffee — it needs to be an experience.

Know your competitors

In your customers’ eyes, everything you do gets measured up against your competitors. Something as simple as the guy down the street selling the right soy milk might be enough to win over your potential customers. Make sure you have everything your customers need to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

Don’t forget about your brand

Your shelves are stocked, your baristas are trained, and your website is up and running. Now what? You need to work on developing your brand — colors, tones, voice, image and everything in between. Putting your brand image on your takeaway items helps you create a cohesive message, which builds familiarity among your customers. Let your customers know they can trust you.

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