Automation & Consistency

The factors that affect consistency:

All of these factors can be influenced not only with training and having robust systems in place, but also with equipment. Many of the ‘human factors’ (such as differing weight or strength when tamping) can be flattened out by using specialised equipment:


A large portion of the consistency of your cups of coffee comes down to the barista operating the machine. Each one of your baristas has different levels of experience, skills and physical attributes that can affect how they pour a cup. It’s impossible to expect a group of individuals to all operate in the same way every time without a well-structured training.

Grind consistency

But the consistency of your pours also depends on the consistency of the grind. Environmental factors like temperature, humidity and air pressure can all affect coffee extraction, so baristas need to conduct regular checks to make sure everything is of appropriate quality.

It’s important to make sure you minimise the chance for human error as much as possible. That means collapsing to prevent spillage, weighing shots at different levels of demand, and keeping watch over extraction times and amounts.


Speed counts even during slow periods. If your customers come to expect slow service every time they go to your cafe, they’ll eventually avoid your cafe entirely.

We’re here to help

Making sure everyone on your staff is properly trained is the best thing you can do to create consistent cups of coffee for every customer. Evolve North’s barista training course is an online program that teaches your baristas everything they need to know about making coffee. It’s convenient and easy to use, ensuring all of your baristas get the same level of training no matter their schedule or learning speed.

Learn more about the training course here.

Beyond training, using the right commercial machine helps to reduce strain on your business and your employees and improve overall output. Here’s a overview of our selections:


The Puqpress automatic tamper makes sure you get consistent tamping pressures, no matter which is barista operating the machine. It’s faster, more consistent and less likely to cause RSI injuries to baristas.


Ubermilk is a foamed milk dispenser that helps reduce crowding around the machine by removing excess stress on the steam boiler. It’s consistent and flexible, so even non-baristas can pour milk for takeaway coffees during the morning rush without risking quality.


This is a separate steamer that allows you to constantly steam milk, helping reduce stress on the steam boiler and making it possible to serve coffee at a much faster rate for longer periods of time.

Jug rinser

These tools use water pressure to help you clean milk-steaming jugs quickly and easily, cutting down on time between pours. That means your baristas don’t have to waste time cleaning and can get back to serving the next customer.