Tamp Group is now Evolve North

December 15, 2021 | Evolve News | 2 min read

Effective from Saturday 1st of January 2022, Tamp Group will be known as Evolve North.

The business entity and financial info will remain the same, so there’s no need for you to alter any banking systems you have set up. Evolve North will continue to provide the same wide range of products and equipment you have come to expect.

Why the change?

In the middle of 2021, Tamp Group merged with Victorian coffee roaster Streamline Supplies. At around the same time, we consulted with our customers, suppliers, and other partners in the industry on what makes us a great company to work with. From there, we focused on our history, internal culture, and our philosophies when it comes to helping our customers, and we found Evolve North.

What does the name mean?

‘Evolve’ is what we do. It’s what our customers do. Together, we remain flexible and change with the times, and we take calculated risks to become the best versions of ourselves.

‘North’ refers to setting goals and moving purposefully in a specific direction. It’s a commitment to changing – not just for change’s sake – but for the better.

So, what’s changing?

The first place you’ll start to notice some differences is on your smartphone. The Tamp mobile app – while functional – had its share of technical issues. We’ve worked hard to make the upcoming Evolve North app more stable and easy to use. 

We’ve also begun to collate the coffee wisdom we’ve absorbed from our customers – as well as our own research – over the decades. You can find these articles, eBooks, and videos in the Coffee Insights section of this website.

We’ll continue to focus on these areas moving forward, so we encourage you to get in touch with your questions, requests, and feedback.

Longer-term, we are moving forward with our commitment to sustainability: look out for exciting news on this front later in 2022.