November 17, 2020 | Business Management | 2 min read

It’s surprising how much time can be eaten up purchasing consumables within a business. Printer’s out of A3 paper? That’s a quick run to Officeworks. Men’s toilets have run out of hand soap? Off to the supermarket you go.  And the list goes on.

Customers report that using a checklist makes their lives a lot easier when it comes to purchasing, so we’ve created a free Consumables List that you can customise, print, and use.  If paper’s not your thing, the Tamp ordering app does it all for you.

Your time can be much better spent by keeping a checklist of all the things your business uses, and setting a reminder in your calendar to make your orders every week/month. If you’re working with a supplier who delivers, it could mean you only need to set aside an hour every month to handle all of your consumable purchasing at one time.

To that end, we’ve created a list of the most common consumables that businesses use. There’s also a ‘par’ column so you can track how much of each item to order in every ordering period. For a lot of businesses who only need products with a long shelf life (cleaning supplies, bathroom paper etc.), ordering monthly is often convenient.