Barista Training

It’s your baristas that drive the success of your coffee business, and the right training programs will be the foundation for your brand’s growth.

That’s where we come in. Our barista course teaches trainees everything they need to know about making quality coffee, cleaning the coffee machine and crafting latte art — all in one spot. At the end of their course, each of your baristas will have the experience, skill and confidence to make great coffee every time they go to pour.

Best of all, everything’s online. No more headaches trying to organise a time that works for everyone. It’s convenient and easy-to-use — and that’s great for business.

Why our barista training


You don’t only want your baristas to meet expectations – you want them to exceed them. A quality training program gives baristas the knowledge and experience they need to give your customers the perfect cup of coffee every single time.


We get it. You’ve got other things to worry about. Sometimes onboarding new staff can be a hassle that takes time away from other priorities. Online training sessions make the entire process so much easier, preventing you from needing to go back to reteach key information. All of this reduces the amount of time you spend on training.


You’ll have access to the training programs from here on out. Whether it’s staff turnover or retraining, no matter what obstacles come your way, anyone on your team can rewatch any part of a lesson they might’ve missed or didn’t understand the first time around. If someone on your staff can’t make a training session, they don’t have to worry about falling behind.


Different teachers have different styles and that can cause confusion and irregularity among staff. The result? Your customers get a different experience every time they buy your coffee. A quality training program ensures a consistent level of training for each of your baristas – and that means a consistent experience for you customers.


Every staff member will be able to see and hear their lesson, rather than being crowded around a noisy machine and potentially missing things. Owners won’t need to pay all of their staff to be present during a quiet period, as they would for an in-person training session with you.

From zero to barista

The main goal of our training program is to bring each one of your baristas up to a satisfactory level of competency before moving on to the next stage in the process. Once all staff have scored well enough on their final test and have shown they can use their new skills, we move on to more advanced levels to fine-tune everything they’ve learned.

What your baristas will learn

In the first part of our digital training course, students learn the barista basics. We start by taking a deep dive into the core concepts of coffee-making. Once we have the framework in place, we move into covering the basics — things like stretching the milk, rules around temperature, reheating and, finally, how to make the perfect pour.

We also teach trainees how to create some of the most popular and well-known latte art creations — the tulip and the heart among them.

You can’t make coffee without cleaning up the mess afterwards, so our course wouldn’t be complete without proper maintenance training. Baristas learn how to conduct ongoing, hourly and end-of-day cleanings of all relevant pieces of equipment. This keeps all your machinery operating smoothly and efficiently.

Next we take your baristas through the ins and outs of the coffee grinder. They’re introduced to digital grinders, while at the same time seeing the effects that changing the grind can have on dose and extraction. We also help train baristas to know when to rely on the recipe and when to use their intuition when serving customers.

We top off the online portion of our training program by taking baristas through the intricacies of making espresso coffee. They will get expert knowledge on how to properly use the espresso machine, store beans, collapse and catch the grind, and, finally, extract the espresso. When it’s all done, your baristas will feel comfortable and confident putting together the perfect espresso every time.

They will get expert knowledge on how to properly use the espresso machine, store beans, collapse and catch the grind, and, finally, extract espresso.

Advantages of our barista training program

You never have to worry that noisy machines or crowds of other learners will keep any of your trainees from missing out because they can’t see or hear the instruction. Our webinar delivers good quality video and sound to ensure your baristas don’t miss any key information.

The beauty of webinar training is that students can rewatch any part of a lesson as many times as they need to develop mastery of a certain skill set. They can also rewatch the videos if they missed or didn’t fully understand information.

The pride of our barista course is the convenience factor. Students can tune in whenever it’s easiest for them and in any setting with internet connection. That means you don’t have to pay your staff to be in the cafe at the same time like you would if you were holding in-person training sessions.

Online training ensures consistency. You can feel confident that each of your baristas is getting the same level and quality of training. Consistency in training helps guarantee that you provide your customers with the same quality of service every time.

We provide you with a detailed report on how much of every training session your student tuned in for. You can also see how they scored on tests in each section. This helps you gauge each of your trainees’ progress and ensure that no one is falling behind.

Ready to get started?

Visit the Evolve North Barista Training Course page to download the course. Our training program is also available for free at cafes serving Evolve North coffee.